Working with Us

Before you work with us, you might have found several China manufacturers on the internet. However, you still think you have not got one because you can’t know which will be the right supplier for you. You might get frustrated because you have been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but fail to move forward. You need someone from China who knows Chinese culture and can be "your eyes and ears" to get more accurate information and help make the correct decision on who are the appropriate suppliers.

To successfully find a suitable China supplier, you need Dawar International’s strategic procurement solutions and we can help you with sourcing products from China. With over 10 years of experience working between American Clients and Chinese Manufacturers, we deliver the best China sourcing and strategic procurement services.

Communication and understanding are the keys to successful sourcing and procurement service. We think the best approach is an audio or video skype meeting because this approach creates better understanding than e-mails.

Our Process

1. Gather Contact Information

Fill in the contact form on the website, we will get in contact with you by e-mail to arrange the first skype audio/video meeting time.

2. Determine Requirements

With a video kickoff meeting, we will learn about all of your demands and requirements.

3. Determine Scope

We will custom make procurement service including Cross Cultural Communication, Sourcing, Supplier Qualification and Trip Meeting & Arrangement for you.

4. Quotation and Agreement

We will provide a services agreement and quotation for approval.