What is Procurement?

Are you wondering how to find a manufacturer in China? Are you looking for good manufacturers in China but you don’t have any experience working China suppliers or sourcing from China? Maybe you use a search engine on the internet and you find a source from China, but the information you see does not help you enough to judge if the manufacturer is the right one to work with.

Seeing is believing. You need someone from China who knows Chinese culture and can be "your eyes and ears" to help make the correct decision on who is the appropriate supplier.

The solution is to work with Dawar International. Dawar International has more than 10 years of experience working with China manufacturers. In the past decade, we have found many suppliers of manufactured goods and have established supply chains from China to companies in the USA. We have also formed a joint venture factory in China that manufactures touchscreens and user interface products as well as a trading company – AmWell International Technologies LTD in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

AmWell International Technologies LTD, Dawar International’s subsidiary company in Hong Kong and Taiwan, would be your local guide. With AmWell International Technologies being your China sourcing agent, your procurement task and sourcing from China will become very easy. Hiring AmWell to be your China sourcing agent is an excellent idea for a quick cost effective review of potential suppliers. We can provide a good bridge between you and your supplier right from the start. Our mission is to help our customers find cost effective manufacturers in China.