China Sourcing and Procurement Services

With over 10 years of experience working with North American clients and Chinese manufacturers, we deliver the best China sourcing and procurement services that can be found. What does it mean to have us on your side? Listen to our video presentation and find out!

We have developed a unique China sourcing and procurement program designed to help businesses choose the right supplier in China. Listed below are our 4 main services. Clients are free to choose one or more services from the list in any combination according to their needs. We will also customize our services, if desired, so that you get the best out of our procurement program.

We help bring our customers access to Chinese manufacturers through our team of bi-lingual sourcing experts that facilitate communication and the understanding of Chinese commerce and culture. We take the worry out of searching for manufactured products from China.

Cross Cultural Communication

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Supplier Qualification

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Trip Meeting & Arrangement

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We are knowledgeable about Asian manufacturers, predominantly Chinese. We consider our China manufacturing sourcing service to be "not only sourcing but also analyzing, bridging and understanding."

To fully qualify a supplier, a visit to the supplier production site in China is the only reliable way to truly know its capabilities and processes. However, to accomplish this, requires expensive travel cost and usually a language barrier exists. We can visit the suppliers and collect all the necessary information for you before you make a decision on which supplier to use. We will check the factory organization, its process flows, the quality of goods produced, the packaging, the workers' training level, the overall working conditions, equipment maintenance, etc. We can verify the compliance with ISO quality principles and recommend which supplier will best fit your requirements. Our China sourcing and procurement process is efficient and ensures that our customer’s needs are fulfilled.

Lastly, we can also take care of your business travel to China in order to visit the supplier of your goods. A face-to-face meeting with the supplier's management team will give you an idea of their experience and willingness to embark on your project. You will also be able to create a friendly relationship, which is crucial for your project! Our understanding of the Chinese culture and our experience in manufacturing will prove invaluable in planning your visit, especially if this is your first visit to China.