We are knowledgeable about Asian manufacturers, predominantly Chinese. We consider our China manufacturing sourcing service "not only sourcing but also analyzing, bridging and understanding."

Our sourcing process is efficient and ensures that our customer’s needs are fulfilled. Here’s how our China sourcing service works:

  1. We conduct as many skype video conference calls with our customer as required to understand their needs.
  2. We will conduct Internet research and refer to our database of companies to determine potential suppliers. We will create a data table to record the search results and report back to our customer.
  3. We will narrow down the list of suppliers the customer wants to work with to a manageable amount. Then, we will contact the suppliers to further learn their capabilities, and further develop relationships with them. We will also report the results of these contact meetings to our customer through a skype video meeting.
  4. Finally, we help to set up multiple skype audio/video meetings as required with the suppliers and our customer. We will assist our customer in negotiating a price and supply chain logistics.

With the above China sourcing process, we will help our customer find reliable Chinese manufacturers. We will also help our customer manage the sourcing processes including supplier identification and pre-qualification, quotation management, auditing, product development and testing, contracting and supplier selection, QC management, logistics management, payment and supplier development.