Cross Cultural Communication

As you start or expand your business with China, having someone to help you understand Chinese business etiquette is important to your success. We can help you on Chinese translation and cross cultural communication, thereby avoiding embarrassment so that you can focus on the matters at hand on critical occasions.

Business in China relies heavily on personal relationships. Personal relationships are equally essential when searching the market for business success. It is crucial to establish and maintain good relationships with business contacts at your key suppliers. We understand the Chinese business culture, so you need not worry about any problems you might have in China. We can help you to build good relationships with key personnel. Just follow our suggested introductions and cross cultural communication support to start the relationship-building process with your China suppliers.

  • Simultaneous Chinese/English translation on the skype audio/ video meetings.
  • Simultaneous Chinese/English translation and cross cultural communication when you visit your suppliers.
  • Document Chinese/English translation.
  • Maintain Relationships with suppliers.