China Sourcing Agent
Dawar International Procurement Services

Let us be your China sourcing agent!

Dawar International LLC is dedicated to the identification and sourcing of cost-effective products from Asia for our customers located in North America. The company was formed in 2007 to provide custom international procurement services based on the needs of our customers. Since our formation we have identified and sourced numerous products concentrating particularly in man-machine user interface products. We will source all types of manufactured products based on your needs.

Our office in Taipei Taiwan is staffed with employees that speak fluent Chinese, as well as English. Their knowledge of the culture of China and manufacturing companies provide great insight and service for companies looking to source manufactured goods from Asia.

Our primary source location for manufactured products is from China and Taiwan. We can become your China sourcing agent and provide services ranging from supplier research and selection through inventory control and supply chain management. We will do a value analysis, price negotiation, pre-audit verification, as well as providing translation services.

While our main function is to source products that you may be interested in finding, we also provide products that we have sourced for ourselves or for previous customers. Please visit our webpage which identifies those products for sale.

In addition to our international procurement services described above, Dawar International also makes investments in manufacturing companies in Asia. These companies can provide products and services to the North American market at competitive prices.

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